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Conrail GG1 Bicentennial - #4800 - Kato

Purchased: November 2017
DCC: Yes
Decoder Type: TCS K1D4-NC
Sound: No


Joining the ranks of the GS-4 Bicentennial “American Freedom Train” and the U30C Bicentennial “Spirit of ‘76” comes the GG1 in Conrail’s Bicentennial colors! This locomotive was painted specially for the United States Bicentennial celebrations in 1976 and carries a unique red, white, and blue color scheme adorned with 50 stars on each side and an image of the liberty bell. Scheduled for release next April along with a re-release of the popular PRR Tuscan red five stripe paint scheme GG1 (for use with the still-available PRR Broadway Limited classic name train), this locomotive is sure to make a splash on layouts, whether it’s running on its own or with its bicentennial brothers.

Note: While the prototype GG1 #4800 was a uniquely “riveted” molded GG1, this N scale release will use the same body shell as the standard Pennsylvania GG1

Marc Pelletier,
Mar 14, 2018, 4:20 AM