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E001 Train Suite Shiki-Shima - Kato 10-1447

Purchased: April 3, 2018
DCC: On Order
Decoder Type: Kato EM13 (Motor); 2 - Kato FL12 (tail and head light)
Sound: No


From the champaign-gold painted exterior to the lavish, wood paneled interior, there is little about the E001 Train Suite “Shiki-Shima” that doesn’t scream luxury. Brought to life by Ken Okuyama, designer of the incomparable Ferrari Enzo, the train oozes class and begs to be admired from every angle, and with ticket prices ranging from $3,000 to upwards of $10,000 USD per person, it is a train that likely to be little more than a dream for most... until now!